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Word of the Year 2018 Poll: KONSTYTUCJA (‘constitution’)

Podziel się

The vast majority of internauts has selected konstytucja ‘constitution’ for the Word of the Year 2018. Runners-up are dane ‘data’ (which reflects heated discussion on General Data Protection Regulation) and niepodległość ‘independence’ (of which Poland is celebrating 100th anniversary).
The remaining shortlisted ten words are pyton (‘python,’ a snake that broke free and was killed by autumnal freeze) , szumidło ‘jammer’, foka ‘seal’ (killed seals on the Polish seashore), klimat ‘climate’, handel ‘trade, commerce’ (the new bill on closing of all shops on Sundays), dzban ‘jughead’, niepełnosprawni ‘disabled people’ (because of the power and determination they and they caretakers showed), sinice ‘blue-green algae’ (cyanobacteria).