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Word of the year 2015

Podziel się

[actualised Oct. 28th 2018]

Word of the year 2015 chosen in poll is uchodźca ‘refugee’. This word was selected also in Germany (Flüchlinge), Spain (refugado) and in Russia (беженцы).

The word of the year doesn’t need to be the most common, nor the one that appeared this very year, although both things count for the feeling of signifiacnce of words and concepts. It is about such a word or concept (an event, an object or a thought) which we feel we could treat as most important.

We want to choose a word of this kind from among the breakdowns of the words of the day. Also other words can be proposed, however, provided they are common nouns (no names of people, places, societies or organisations are allowed), adjectives, verbs or other parts of speech. Also short expressions and phrases are accepted.

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